Spanish Courses San Telmo – Buenos Aires – Proyecto San Telmo

Our school

We are a very small school located in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of San Telmo which practices Fair Trade. We truly believe that every student succeeds at Proyecto San Telmo. Our teachers and students are working hard to make Proyecto San Telmo the best school it can be.

Our teaching method

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is based on Piaget and Vigotsky principles.

We follow teaching methods based on the communicative approach. High-quality level classes, weekly quizzes and quality control by the students are some of the pillars on which Proyecto San Telmo bases its work in order to keep the interest and daily effort of our students. Our objective is to impart confidence in the student to be able to speak Spanish. Our method improves student’s oral communication and speaking skills. In class the students learn by reading speaking and listening. They are encouraged to participate in role-plays and discussions where they are required to speak and listen to their colleagues. This gives them a chance to apply what they are learning and prepares them to face similar situations in real life. We are inspired by the European Framework of Reference for Teaching Languages and Instituto Cervantes guidelines.

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