Spanish Classes in San Telmo Buenos Aires – Spanish for Life

Intensive courses

  • Lessons take place in our training centre.
  • Tailor-made to the student’s needs
  • Initial assessment and program material provided
  • A flexible program, the course content and timetable of which are tailored to the student’s specific needs and requirements.

For Intensive Courses we would recommend 2 to 4 hours of tuition three or more times a week.

This will accelerate your learning during times when you can dedicate more time to your spanish or need to increase ability fast .

Lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, grammar, pronunciation, to help you communicate in everyday situations. We don’t just want our students to know spanish as a foreign language; we want them to be able to use it.

Whether you are an advanced or a complet beginner student, having private tuition is a particularly beneficial way to learn spanish because it allows you to achieve your personal language objectives faster.

10 hours 90 US dollars

For more information

Proyecto San Telmo

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