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Every Day in BA fromusa to Argentina
I’m an American blogger self-exiled in Argentina, late of the Czech Republic. Along with diary entries, impressions and observations, I also review restaurants, hotels and tourist sites as well as interview locals artist and business folks. Photo and video to come.

Palermo Viejo
Don’t Cry for Me fromusa to Argentina
My random adventures and thoughts while living abroad.

Still Life in Buenos Aires fromusa to Argentina
Still Life in Buenos Aires is a journal of observations and sketches from an American expatriate writer, English professor, and tango dancer. The writer moved to South America to learn Spanish and become familiar with Argentine culture in February, 2008. This blog is part travel journal and part resource for fellow travelers.

Buenos Aires Style fromusa to Argentina
Buenos Aires Style is a collection of articles and links related to all that is fun and interesting about life and going out in Buenos Aires.

Palabras De Portenos fromusa to Argentina
Reflections on one couple’s experiences living, working, and exploring in Buenos Aires.

Expedition Evan fromusa to Argentina
Personal travel blog about my experiences moving down to Buenos Aires to teach English and generally explore South America. I post pretty often and would love to hear what people think of my writing!

Living in Argentina fromusa to Argentina
Information for travelers and expats.

The Flyvemaskine Diaries fromusa to Argentina
The journey of Eric and Sara as they discover their new life abroad in South America.

Moving to and Living in Argentina fromusa to Argentina
Comprehensive blog about moving to and living in Argentina by a French dad, American mom and our Argentine born daughter. We moved to Argentina and had our entire pregnancy and delivery in Argentina.

Up-Starts..Buenos Aires fromusa to Argentina
A peek at start-up businesses, including thoughts on online education and life experiences from in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires: a great traveller article

He aquí un párrafo del hermoso artículo que hemos leído en The time machine

When I stopped by Buenos Aires for a few days ten years ago, I didn´t like it. I had come to South America for the exotic; for multiracial crowds speaking sexy languages (for me, Spanish isn´t), for weird jungle fruits and brightly colored birds, all of which Brazil delivered in abundance and Argentina manifestly did not. Buenos Aires doesnt really do “exotic”. But what it does, it does spectacularly well; the pleasure of watching life unfold in a vivacious city drowning in monuments to its past and haunted by an air of mystery.

If the past is another country, then Buenos Aires is a border crossing.

This time, with a better idea of what to expect, the city seduced me completely. It sucked me in with the beauty of its fountains and plazas, with the intense golden daylight that shines every day from morning until 9 at night. It romanced me with its sadness – all those bright hopes that came to nothing, and mistakes gone unmended (its no wonder BA is said to be the most psychoanalysed city in the world, with more shrinks than New York).  And it dazzled me its glamor and its trickery. BA is a brilliant illusionist. It still looks rich, still fabulolus. Its beauty hasnt faded, even if the good times have long since gone. Buenos Aires has gone from capital of the world´s fourth richest country (!!!) in 1910 to an economic basketcase, a city where bad times have become a way of life. And yet its not depressing, not at all. It is bewitchingly, perplexingly, alive; still waltzing away as ever, looking over its shoulder at its own reflection, and hoping the music will never stop.


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Thanksgiving Dinner Buenos Aires November 2008

at Casa Bar Buenos Aires Thursday 27 November (1150 rodriguez pena)

Casa Bar invites you to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner at the house with a bar. This will be our first Thanksgiving and we want to make it one to remember. Though an American holiday the Casa Bar invites everyone to enjoy a terrific turkey dinner with all the trimmings, listen to live music by the R&R band Barfly, watch all 3 NFL games and to just have a great time. No rush and no worries, just a relaxing time in a relaxed atmosphere – Like at Home.

Dinner will be served between 3 pm – 8 pm for RSVP guests. The bar will be closed to the general public till 8 pm ( those not having dinner reservations ) and open to all after 8pm and stay open until 4 am. After 8 pm we will serve dinners and turkey sandwiches until there is no more.

The live music will begin around 10 pm, the NFL games will be aired until all are over and the fun will continue until 4 am or later. The Casa Bar is taking resevervations until the 25th. This is open to groups, families, couples, and singles. Please contact the bar for more information and to make reservations.

Casa Bar is located at 1150 Rodriguez Pena between Santa Fe and Arenales in Recoleta or reply to this posting.

Casa Bar is your Home away from Home.

Expat Connection

Thurs, Nov 27th at is the Expat Connection Thanksgiving Feast @ El Estanciero (Báez 202) @ 3:30pm. Joins us for a traditional US-style Thanksgiving Day feast with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, corn, apple-pie a la mode, beer, wine, soda and water for AR$ 110 includes gratuity. *RSVP REQUIRED* Space limited! rsvp@expat-connection.com

Don’t miss our upcoming events! Check out our website calendar as we have events scheduled through Dec. Hope to see you there!

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