Private and group* Spanish lessons in San Telmo

Get out there and experience the best of summer 2009 in Buenos Aires!
Enjoy BA while Studying Spanish in San Telmo!
If you normally spend your free time in the summer glued to your sofa in front of your fan and whatever happens to be on TV, don’t waste any more of your days away. Come and see what Buenos Aires has to offer.

The best summer Spanish courses with Proyecto San Telmo!

This summer, Proyecto San Telmo has something for everyone. If you really want to improve your spanish speaking skills, learn more vocabulary, get the perfect chance to visit museums, galleries and “milongas”, have fun, and meet friendly people, Proyecto San Telmo is your best choice!

(For those not in the know, a milonga is like a tango disco)

*group: 2 or 3 people/friends/family

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Spanish Courses Proyecto San Telmo

San Telmo is a way of life!

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