Vegan Earth Day

Our chance to reach a Mass awareness

— need everyone

Dearest Vegan and Veg communities around the world,

On June 21st 2009 the first ever Vegan Earth Day will take place. The mission is to bring mass awareness to all environmentalist, media and government about the devastating impact of Meat eating to our world. In order for this to be a successful awareness day, all Pro Veg individuals, groups, businesses, associations and networks need to come together, and make this day even bigger than Earth Day. Every voice adds power. Every action brings us closer to mainstream awareness. Create a festival, plan a march, an outdoor BBQ…. Make it as big as your community will allow. Invite all Veg talent and entrepreneurs. Tell the media about your event, invite the mayor and policy makers.

We invite musicians, artists, politicians and media to join us in making this day a massive success. We invite youth of all ages to help educate parents, teachers and leaders. We invite religions of all denominations to stand with us on this day and preach the gospel of true love. We invite all ‘closet’ vegetarians and vegans to make this day your ‘coming out’ announcement party.

For the earth, for the animals, for our children, for us all… let Vegan Earth Day bring the truth about our food choices. Let our world be uplifted.

With deep respect for you all.

Vegan Earth Day.

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Clases de Tango para todos

La escuela Arte Nuestro invita a participar y disfrutar de las clases abiertas y gratuitas del mes de Mayo.

Se dictaran en diversos días y horarios.
indispensable la inscripcion previa a los teléfonos 44334412/1550262132

Serán dictadas en grupos reducidos, separados por niveles; principiantes, intermedios y avanzados.


De esta manera ofrecemos a todas aquellas personas interesadas en aprender a bailar tango, milonga y vals;  acercarse a conocer la escuela, los profesores y nuestra metodología de enseñanza.

les solicitamos que se comuniquen con nosotros a los teléfonos 4433-4412/1550262132
esto nos dara la posibilidad de ofrecerles el horario conveniente de acuerdo a los conocimientos adquiridos, o si se inician en el tango.
estamos en contacto.
los profes.

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