Spanish courses in Belgrano Neighbourhood

Instituto Superior de Letras Eduardo Mallea is located in Buenos Aires City, in the distinguished residential neighbourhood of Belgrano, with features stores, restaurants, architectural highlights, churches and parks. Classes take place in a classic and comfortable residence close to a main avenue (Cabildo).

The Institute has been teaching Spanish to foreigners since September 1989 and it is also recognized for the teaching of the specific careers of “Literary Amender” and “Editorial Specialist”.

All the professors of the Institute are natives and very skilled in the art of teaching Spanish. Our goal is to complete a performance level by being totally immersed in the Language.  We have different levels of Spanish and most can be accomplished in two or three weeks.

As an example, our basic level is specifically directed to set up the language basis for everyone that approaches Spanish for the very first time. The contents of the basic level were developed to help foreigners in the solution of daily situations, such as to identify oneself; to ask for information; to solve shopping situations or just expressing tastes and preferences.There are also intermediate and advanced levels. Regular programs can be performed in the morning or in the afternoon.

Course Descripción The prices includes
Private 120 minutes Academic material
Group 120 minutes Level test
Attendence certificate

Intensive programs can be performed in the morning or in the afternoon.

Course Descripción The prices includes
20 hours per week Academic material
1week Level test
4 hours per day Attendence certificate

Costs for private lessons:

  • u$s 24 (2 hours lesson).
  • u$s 36 (3 hours lesson).

Includes academic material.

Group lessons (2 to 6 students):

  • u$s 20 (2 hours lesson).
  • u$s 30 (3 hours lesson).

Includes academic material.

Important: The payment should be done in advanced, by week or by month.

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