Tango Argentino Lessons We accompany


We accompany Tango Argentino

Who Are We ?

We are a company for TANGO in Buenos Aires, we provide services to those who request or require our services for Milongas, classes, practices, events and/or private parties and also especially for organizations involved in Tango Workshops with small groups of tourists.

Our motto is: Commitment – Performance – Quality – Service.

Commitment: We understand the needs of our customers. That is why our Company, Acompañantes de Tango, is committed to ensuring that each person is satisfied with the services they have requested and received.

Performance: Thanks to our infrastructure of excellent tango dancers, it allows us to meet the demands and needs of our customers. Thus we achieve a very good level of satisfaction with our customers.

Quality: We give real and above all reliable service, for each of our clients. Our teachers and assistants are 100% committed to our clients, to help them develop their dance and especially the style of each client.

Service: We always have a rigorously selected and trained staff with a true vocation in Tango and above all great personal values who want to provide reliable, responsible, professional service and are committed to each of our clients.

What do we do ?

These are some of the services that we provide:

Teachers for Private Tango Classes.
Teachers for Group Tango Classes.
Companions for Milongas.
Companions for Group Tango Classes.
Companions for Private Tango Classes.
Companions for Group Tango Practices.
Companions for Tango Festivals or Events.
Assistants for Tango Workshops.


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