Tango lover in Buenos Aires 2010

I am a tango dancer on my second annual three month pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. My day starts at high noon listening to a 40 CD tango collection, watching videos of legendary tango dancers, and studying  tango history and lyrics on www.Todotango.com. Followed by Castellano classes at Proyecto San Telmo five days a week.  For any serious tango dancer learning the language is an essential element. Then I have a two hour tango practice session with my companera. The climax is the Milonga where  my passion for the music is shared with other fanatical dancers..   I recently had the pleasure of indulging my dancing obsession with the penetrating melodies of Sexteto Milonguero at La Catedral;  an energetic orchestra of Buenos Aires musicians that recreate the music of the Golden Age of Tango. Classic selections from their repertoire include: Romance De Barrio, Cafe Dominguez,  Una Emocion,  Bajo un Cielo de Estrellas, Manana ire Temprano, and La Mulateada.  To share the magic, check out their web site for upcoming European tour http://www.sextetomilonguero.com.ar/English/index.html#load  La Catedral is unique artist warehouse with 3o foot ceilings,  bohemian ambience and a kitchen that offers delicious wholesome food. This Milonga attracts an international mix of tango dancers of all ages. it was an exhilarating evening  to be long remembered.


Patrick from Hawaii




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