Tango is better than sex

I began on January 1, 2005 while living on the island Maui. I had been dancing Salsa for a couple of years and my salsa dance partner told me that she had attended an Argentine Tango practica and that it was lots of fun. I had taken some ballroom dance classes.

I thought why not Tango, it was a new year, a time for new beginnings.  It took some time to fall in love with the mysterious music, but once I started to learn the rhythms and melodies they became a part of me. Jump to February 2009, I finally made my first pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. I booked a 15 week trip dedicated solely to pursuing the elusive Tango. I knew that I would love it here. What’s not to love? A city with 10 or 20 milongas to choose from every night, people from all walks of life celebrating their passion for Tango, dance classes every day. If I had found Aladdin’s lamp my wish would have been to go and dance Tango in Buenos Aires. I will always cherish the memories of my first trip to Buenos Aires, my dance partner, Spanish teacher and the friends that I made. I knew that I would return again and again and again. I absolutely knew that my second visit would surpass the first which is an incredible feat. The really cool part of it is that every year gets better! If you are thinking of coming to Buenos Aires, Go For It! You only live once. You won’t regret it. It’s been said that Tango dancers are lovers from the waist up and athletes from the waist down. Come to Buenos Aires and become a lover.

by Patrick McClure Hawaii USA

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