Therapeutic Benefits of Tango

The Argentine Tango close embrace is what separates Tango from other social partner dances. It is where the man transmits energy into the woman, an extremely pleasurable sensation.

The embrace is similar to hugging a friend or loved one. 

Argentinian Tango Embrace

While dinning in Buenos Aires last year, I saw a mother cuddling a baby to her breast, and since then I have believed that the Tango embrace gives each partner unconscious subliminal feelings of security much like infants being held by a parent.  Usually when you hug a friend it lasts for only a few seconds, where as the Tango embrace lasts for the length of a 4 song tanda, with 30 second conversation breaks in between each song, so you get around 8 minutes of hugging during each tanda. There are around 6 tandas per hour, which adds up to 48 minutes of (HPH) hugs per hour that you dance at the milonga. That’s a very healthy dose of embrace therapy.

by Patrick McClure Honolulu Hawaii.

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