Festivalito Tango Queer Winter 2010

Tango Queer Pre-Festivalito
Winter Edition
July 23, 24 and 25 2010

6 workshops
2 Milongas
1 Práctica

Before the International Queer Tango Festival of november
Workhops, Milongas, Practica, Shows and performances


Program (at Espacio Yatay):
Alejandro Hermida
Ana María Shapira
Augusto Balizano
Aurora Lubiz
Mariana Docampo
Miguel Ángel Coria

Open Lessons (before the milongas and the practica):
Soledad Nani
Jesús Pietropaulo y Daniel Pereyra

Important Shows


Friday July, 23 -22hs.: Opening Milonga at Milonga del Gordo – La Nacional – Alsina 1465 – Buenos Aires
Saturday July, 24 – 22hs.: Noche de Gala at Milonga La Marshall – Bien Porteño – Av. Rivadavia 1392
Sunday July, 25 -19hs.: Práctica en la Práctica Disociada de Tango – Espacio Yatay – Yatay 280

The workshops will take place Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July from 12 to 18hs. At Espacio Yatay (Yatay 280)


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