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 La Milonga del 126 

Free lodging for Couch Surfers in Buenos Aires

I rented a private room in the San Telmo Condo owned by Miguel and Samantha. Quite frequently they had overnight guests staying in the living room. I later found out the Miguel and Samantha and these international visitors were all member of the Couch Surfers alliance. Couch Surfing, , in a web site where people with an extra couch or bed, connect with travelers with common interests, and allow them to stay in their homes for free. The couch surfers leave feedback on the web site helping the hosts find free lodging when they go on the road. I was constantly meeting travelers from Europe and the United States, none of which danced Tango. My life continued to revolve around watching Tango dancers on YouTube, taking Tango and Castellano lessons, dancing at Milongas, sleeping and eating. When in Buenos Aires, I am very content to be a Milonga Surfer.

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