One-on-one Spanish Lessons in Palermo

Spanish Lessons Barrio Norte near Palermo Buenos Aires

 Qualified Spanish teacher offering private Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires (Barrio Norte, near Recoleta) including accent-reduction, latin american culture and etiquette, conversation, reading, writing and grammar lessons.
Greetings! Hello! My name is Sergio. I am a qualified and experienced Spanish language teacher. My private lessons are offered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. My students come from all over the world to improve their Spanish language and awareness of the Argentinian society and culture. The price of private lessons (one on one) is ARS$50 per hour. Everyone has different requirements, and the lessons will be planned to match your needs. They will be very fun and interesting. I will help you make real progress, helping you get a job, a language qualification, apply to university or just in your day-to-day communications.
Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.

e-mail : sergiogorostiaga at hotmail com

Sergio Gorostiaga es un talentoso periodista, poeta y experimentado alfabetizador  latinoamericano. Regresó de Venezuela y Colombia hace casi un año. Allí dictó talleres y enseñó las primeras letras en ambientes rurales y de escasos recursos.

Spanish Lessons Barrio Norte near Palermo Buenos Aires 

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