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Proyecto  San Telmo Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires is thinking about Tango Styles so Which Tango Style is best for you?

My second annual Buenos Aires Tango adventure, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010 – day 18

Silvina and I were practicing everyday and on Saturday I decided that I’d like to take another Tango lesson somewhere. I started looking through my Buenos Aires Tango Publications and came up with a very nice couple that teach a lesson before the Saturday Matinee Milonga at Region Leonesa called La Milonga de los Consagrados. The couple’s names are la flaca Lucia and Gerry. Lucia is Portena and Gerry is from Ireland.

The lesson cost 20 AR pesos (around $5 US) and included admission to the Milonga. There were only a few students, which made it almost like a private lesson. Gerry and Flaca both speak fluent English and they took turns helping me and the two or three other students. Gerry showed me a cool step that he said Milongueros use, which I worked into my repertoire. He taught a more complicated showy mini pattern that involved a boleo that seemed ill suited to execute in a crowded Milonga. Gerry and Lucia promote a small neighborhood Milonga in San Telmo Tuesday nights called Flor De Milonga at 572 Independencia and they gave me a couple of tickets for free admission.

When you take a Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, you want to be able to come away with something that fits your style and you can use. A lot of instructors teach complicated patterns that are difficult to learn and even more difficult to lead in a Milonga. So basically you are wasting your time and money on lessons that are not productive. There are so many Tango classes to choose from, but it’s still difficult to find classes that are right for you. Ideally before you go to Buenos Aires, you should have an idea which style of Tango you want to learn: Salon, Nuevo, Escenario or Milonguero. By my second trip I had decided that I wanted to dance Milonguero Style.

After the Tango lesson I stayed for a while at the Milonga, the dancers were more advanced that what I was used to at the Confiteria Ideal Matinee Milonga. I was a new face in the crowd and my cabeceo skills were still very weak, Cabeceo in Buenos Aires Milongas and I don’t think I danced a single tanda. I was practicing with Silvina later so in order to conserve energy I left early. by Patrick McClure
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Clase de tango gratis!

Proyecto San Telmo Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires te comenta que la bailarina y profesora de tango Edith Paez no le cobra entrada a todos aquellos que se acercan a su clase por primera vez. 


Para que vengas a conocerme no abonas la primer clase!!

tango de salon con abrazo cerrado y flexible+milonga traspie
clase ritmica -divertida-intensa


Martes 20 hs

www edithpaeztango com ar

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