Tango Workshop @ El Yeite


21:30 a 23hs (Thematic workshop)
23 a 23.30 (mini guided practica)
Av corrientes 3439
…Price: $20

From this thursday on we will start weekly Workshop at El Yeite with: Octavio Fernandez + Lucas Molina + Martín Bel.

The idea is to work with different themes every thursday, the level is intermediate/advanced. The themes are thougth to have a certain progression in its deveolopment. So we will work more than one lesson with some themes that need more practise than one lesson.

20.01 – Sacadas atrás para hombre y mujer
27.01 – Boleos y Rebotes + sacadas atrás para hombre y mujer

(the themes from february will be published later)

We recomend to come in couple, it´s also possible to inscribe individually at bel.m@hotmail.com or come alone. For more info call 15 5873 5420.

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