Chess classes in Spanish – Clases de ajedrez en español

Improve your spanish by learning chess with a native spanish speaker
Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, to name a few. Chess can be used very effectively as a tool to teach problem solving and abstract reasoning. Learning how to solve a problem is more important than learning the solution to any particular problem. Through chess, we learn how to analyze a situation by focusing on important factors and by eliminating distractions. We learn to devise creative solutions and put a plan into action. Chess works because it is self-motivating. The game has fascinated humans for almost 2000 years, and the goals of attack and defense, culminating in checkmate, inspire us to dig deep into our mental reserves.

Not only does chess develop essential mental skills and abilities, it is also capable of doubling improvement in reading and math. The benefits of chess in schools range even farther, definitively improving social skills for children of all backgrounds – truly leveling any socioeconomic factors to encourage intellectual development on an even playing field.

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