Argentina: Family & Friendship.

Old friends from Argentina reunited in New York. Five died together in a terrorist attack. The childhood friends from Argentina had been planning the trip to New York City for years. They graduated from the school together in 1987.
Source: The Whashington Post.
I join the grief of the families of my compatriots killed in the terrorist attack in Manhattan on 31st October.
My way to honor the five friends killed is letting all the people in the world know that Argentina is a country where family and friendship is valued. Argentina is a place where family and friendship are the things that really matter.
Dear readers, I wanted to share with you Surcos de Amor, a novel about typical argentinian values written by a psicologue (Maria Flavia Diaz Noblega) and a doctor (Gustavo Adolfo Diaz Noblega) who are daughter and father. This book is an absolute gem published in Buenos Aires on March 2017 by Editorial Parabola.
It’s a book that I invite everyone to pick up and read.

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