The best “blogger tanguero” in the world

Mr. Patrick McClure

I am back in Honolulu waitng for my next trip to Buenos Aires!!
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Learning spanish & living in Buenos Aires free of charge

What is livemocha?

Livemocha is an exciting e-learning Web 2.0 startup founded by a group of experienced and successful entrepreneursbased in the Seattle area. Livemocha addresses a $20 billion worldwide language learning market fueled by rapid globalization, immigration and travel. Livemocha is a first of its kind web based language learning solution integrating online instructional content with a global community of language learners. Livemocha is a venture funded company backed by Maveron, a leading Seattle based venture firm with tremendous consumer and e-learning expertise.

What is couchsurfing?

“Hello! Hello and welcome to the community! CouchSurfing offers you, via our website and regional events and activities, the opportunity to intimately encounter the world. Through meaningful connections with locals, Couchsurfing seeks to promote self-awareness and understanding of others. Being a CouchSurfer means you are part of an international community of travelers who recognize similarities and appreciate differences in all peoples. CouchSurfing is as more than just a “travel service” — it is a venue for grassroots cultural and ideological exchange by ordinary open-minded people, even if you do not have a couch to offer.


One last note: You don’t need a couch to join! As long as you anticipate sharing your couch sometime in your lifetime, or have already shared it, you’re 100% welcome here! Cheers!”

Que es couchsurging?

CouchSurfing es un servicio de hospitalidad en línea. Al registrarse los miembros pueden localizar contactos en los lugares donde viajen y quedarse en sus ‘sofás’, así como también pueden hospedar a viajeros de cualquier parte del mundo. A comienzos de 2009 ha alcanzado el millón de miembros en todo el mundo, que ofrecen alojamiento gratis y ayuda durante los viajes.

CouchSurfing tiene diferentes mecanismos de seguridad. Uno donde los miembros pueden escribir un comentario de otro miembro una vez que se hayan conocido; el otro es un sistema opcional de verificación por tarjeta de crédito, en donde el miembro dona una cantidad simbólica al proyecto, y a su vez se comprueba, a través de la tarjeta, que su domicilio y su lugar de residencia coinciden con los que ha facilitado al inscribirse.

La participación es libre y gratuita.

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