Time to deliver Argentina

The Obama Administration is looking for anybody and everybody to make phonecalls to their representatives in Congress regarding healthcare reform. Call your Senator and Congressperson and let them know that you support reform!

It’s always more fun if we do it together. To wit, we’d like to invite you to areatres, MALABIA 1720, Palermo, Buenos Aires to gather with other good folks whose heart is on the correct side! You’ll have to pay for the hourly internet usage, of course, but that won’t be any more than you’d pay anywhere in Buenos Aires.

You’ll also need to use an voip account of your own (like skype or vonage or others), as well. You could end up spending 5 bucks! …but you could come back home with a great evening under your belt. I’ll personally buy a beer for everyone that shows up and you’ll have the undying gratitude of millions of US citizens. If you prefer to do it from home, please let us know as well. We’ve made a lot of history here in Argentina as regards our Democratic Party. Buenos Aires was chosen as South American headquarters for Obama’s election campaign and our phonebanking for Barack drew a lot of attention. Lots of our members made calls from their homes …ALL OVER THE PROVINCES!


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