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Updated January 2021

.Who we are?

Director: Silvina Retrivi – San Telmo Neighborhood Studio. 

Silvina. Spanish teacher. Graduated in Philosophy at the Catholic University Santo Tomás de Aquino. Graduated in Educational Psychology & Therapy at the Catholic Institute San Agustín. 

Memberships: Silvina is a member of Asociación Argentina de Profesores de Español (A.A.D.E.) and she is also a member of Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Buenos Aires (A.P.I.B.A.) Current Position: Profesora de Español para Extranjeros. Psicopedagoga.

Hello. My name is Silvina. I’ve been living in San Telmo for the past eighteen years. I also studied in San Telmo at the Catholic University Santo Tomás de Aquino located in 5 de Julio street corner with Venezuela. I strongly suggest you come and visit San Telmo as it’s such a lovely place! I enjoy teaching spanish as a second language and gain great satisfaction from seeing my students learning different ways of thinking about grammatical notions. The things I most enjoy about my job are meeting people from all over the world, developing new materials for use in the classroom and planning new courses. Outside work, I dance tango and I love to enjoy the city life; visiting art galleries, eating at new restaurants.  What else about me? I work as a volunteer 3 hours per week. I practice Fair Trade principles and I pay my taxes.

You are invited to be part of my classroom.

Being organic

I deeply appreciate Alfred North Whitehead’s Philosophy of Organism: Organic Philosophy. But when I say organic I just mean I’m a woman who practices Fair Trade principles. Read more below.

Where we are located?

We are located one block away from Dorrego Square.

If you are thinking of visiting us…Please, in order to avoid misunderstandings,

two days before, contact us here.

Or just send us an e-mail to proyectosantelmo@gmail.com

answering the following questions
> first name – age – studies – arrival date
Please contact us by sending an email.
Thank you

Thank you!

Our address is Humberto Primo street, between Bolívar and Perú streets.

Reservation for a free lesson
in the heart of San Telmo neighbourhood >> c
ontact us by sending an email.
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Spanish Online Lessons in San Telmo

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Proyecto San Telmo:

Silvina de San Telmo

Curriculum Vitae

Ocupación Actual

Profesora de Español para Extranjeros.

Formación Académica

  • Psicopedagoga. Instituto Superior del Profesorado San Agustín. 2019.
  • Profesora de Filosofía. U.N.S.T.A. 1994.
  • Profesora de inglés para el nivel elemental. Instituto Superior del Profesorado San Agustín. 2002.
  • Profesora para la enseñanza primaria. Instituto Inmaculada Concepción de Almagro. CABA. 1992 .

Formación Catequística

  • Catequista de niños, adolescentes y adultos. Seminario Catequístico Arquidiocesano María Auxiliadora.
  • Catequista Carcelaria. Instituto de Pastoral Penitenciaria.
Lengua y Cultura Latina I, II y III. Lengua y Cultura Griega I y II.
Italiano. Dante Alighieri.
Francés. Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires. Opción Traducción.

Antecedentes Laborales

Profesora de Metodología del Estudio, Historia, Geografía, Formación Cívica, Elementos de Administración de Empresas en el Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno. 2002/2004.
Profesora de materias de los niveles primario, secundario, terciario y universitario en las áreas de Lengua y Sociales, metodología del estudio, idiomas Francés, Italiano, Gramática Española, Pensamiento Científico. Empresa Class Home Sistema de Clases Particulares a Domicilio. 1994/2004.
Correctora/Asistente de Redacción Revista Guesharim. 2002/2004.
Correctora/Asistente de Redacción Diario La Voz Judía. 1994/2000.
Profesora Titular de las Cátedras de Ética y Deontología Profesional, Ética e Interdisciplina, Introducción a la Filosofía y Antropología Filosófica en el Instituto A.C.E.S., Alta Casa de Estudios de Sudamérica, Escuela Argentina de Psicomotricidad, dirigido por la Dra. Nélida Susana Demaestri, en las carreras de Psicopedagogía, Formación de Psicomotricistas, Psicólogos Corporales y Estimuladores Tempranos. 1996/1999.
Profesora de catequesis. Asignatura curricular. Escuelas católicas. 1986/1987.
Trabajo voluntario: clases de apoyo escolar de nivel primario y secundario en Centros Culturales Barriales. hasta 2005.
Suplencias como maestra de grado en escuelas primarias privadas católicas y del gobierno de la ciudad. hasta 1994.

About Us

Proyecto San Telmo en Español guarantees you highly competitive prices and a high standard of education.

At Proyecto San Telmo en Español we pay personal attention to the welfare of each of our students and make sure that our students are fully satisfied.

We will make you feel at home far away from home!

Who am I?

I am a teacher who makes an effort day after day so that you can learn the Spanish language through a practical and easy method.

My Goals

My main purpose is that, in a short time, you can acquire and develop techniques which allow you to communicate in spanish.

– Summarizing – Why me? Why my courses? Why San Telmo?

An Intelligent combination: picturesque neighbourhood of San Telmo, University Level, Reasonable Fees.

Proyecto San Telmo en Español offers you: Crash courses for travelers Regular and Intensive Courses C.E.L.U. /D.E.L.E. Exam Preparation.


Outside work, I dance tango and  I love to enjoy the city life; visiting art galleries, eating at new restaurants. What else about me. I work as a volunteer 3 hs per week and I also teach one class free per week  for those who  want to know my work


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