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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?
– We don’t advertise or have employees, so our overhead is very low, and we pass the savings on to you!
– If our Spanish classes exceed our clients expectations, they will refer us to their friends.

How much does it cost if two people want to share a class?
– The price per hour for two people is the same as for one person. Each person pays 1/2 the regular hourly rate.
– Pricing: 10 two hours private lessons $150.- USD / 2 people would pay $75.- each.
30 two hours private lessons 300.- USD / 2 people would pay $150.- each.

  Are there any additional costs for books or study materials?
– No.

How many students are in each class?
– Classes have only one student unless you want to bring a friend, but the price is still the same for two people as it is for one person.

Where are your teachers from?
– All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers born and educated in Buenos Aires.

Are you located in a safe neighborhood?
– Yes, you will feel safe walking around in San Telmo.

Do I have to come in for a free consultation or can I begin classes immediately?
– That’s your choice, we hope that we’ve answered all of your questions on this page and are ready to start when you are.

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