Spanish Online Classes

Updated January 2021

Our fees are always low and not just for limited time or special offer periods

>> Prices in USD
>> Private Tuition
>> Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses

Spanish Online Classes – January 2021

Private Lessons 60 hours…………$400.- USD

  • 30 two hours lessons.
  • One hour = 60 minutes.

 >> Schedule
> Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Feel free to contact us to check availability of lessons at your chosen time.

>> Payment options
> All payments are in advance.

Special Offer for Backpackers & Students – San Telmo

Our place

Private Lessons 20 hours…………$200.- USD
> Two persons* same level……….$100.- USD per person

Regular Prices – Professionals – Workers – Artists – Teachers – Professor – Others 

Private Lessons 10 hours…………$250.- USD
> Two persons* same level……….$125.- USD per person

Private Lessons 60 hours…………$400.- USD
> Two persons* same level……….$200.- USD per person

 * (Family or Friends)

> Tango > Private Lessons.
>> Beginners   >> fully bilingual teachers >> contact Lucía y Gerry on Facebook


>> About payments
> Cash: payment below 10 hs is not accepted.
> Payment is weekly and in advance and is non-refundable.
> Written study material is given to each student when signing up; the price of this material is included in the course fee and is non-refundable.
> If you sign up for lessons but then need to cancel your lessons you will not receive a refund. In that case, you can transfer lessons to someone else (within 30 days from booking date).
> If lessons or classes are cancelled by us, we will reschedule the lesson within the same month with a qualified instructor provided the student agrees on the rescheduled date.
> The hours must be used within 30 days from booking date.

Contact us for any further information you may need.

Spanish Courses in San Telmo Buenos Aires Argentina

Silvina Retrivi

*Psicopedagoga egresada del Instituto Superior del Profesorado San Agustín

*Profesora de Filosofía egresada de la Universidad Católica Santo Tomás de Aquino

*Profesora de Inglés para el Nivel Elemental egresada del Instituto Superior del Profesorado San Agustín

*Profesora para la Enseñanza Primaria egresada del Instituto Inmaculada Concepción de Almagro

*Catequista de niños, adolescentes y adultos egresada del Seminario Catequístico María Auxiliadora

*Especialización en Catequesis Carcelaria IPAL

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